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Do Companies Explain Who Is Accountable for Human Rights?

While the majority of companies in the UNGP Reporting Database report something on accountability structures for human rights, only 7 per cent of companies clearly explain day-to-day responsibility and accountability structures for managing human rights risks. This analysis of company disclosure, the second in a series, highlights four key trends and offers tips to improve companies’ responsibility and accountability structures for human rights. | Jump to the article

Public Consultation Period on Assurance Guidance

13 September 2016 — The public consultation period on the UNGP Reporting Framework’s assurance guidance is now open. Feedback is welcome until 31 October 2016. | Learn more about the assurance guidance and download the consultation drafts

Reporting Insights & Trends: Are Companies Making the Commitment to Respect Human Rights?

While an increasing number of companies have a policy commitment to respect human rights, the quality of those commitments varies widely. In this article, the first in a series, UNGP Reporting Database manager Michelle Langlois analyzes trends in companies’ reporting as shown in the Reporting Database, and offers examples and tips for better policies.

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