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to report on how they respect human rights.

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Reporting Trends and Insights: Principled focus of reporting, or cherry picking?

April 2016 — After a year of mapping companies’ human rights reporting against the expectations of the UNGP Reporting Framework, Shift’s research and analysis reveals that the majority of companies reviewed 1) don’t clearly define the focus of their reporting, and 2) don’t make salient human rights issues the focus of their reporting. See why this lack of focus is a problem for companies and their stakeholders in our latest reporting trends and insights article.

French Translation of Reporting Framework now Available

Mar 2017 — Thanks to the generous support of entreprises pour les droits de l’homme – edh, the UNGP Reporting Framework is now available in French. | Grâce à entreprises pour les droits de l’homme – edh, la version française du UNGP Reporting Framework est maintenant disponible. Cliquez ici pour voir le cadre du reporting

87 investors with over $5.3t in AUM support the Reporting Framework

February 2017 — The investor coalition supporting the Reporting Framework continues to grow and includes signatories from Australia, France, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, the UK and the US. See their statement of support and the names of the investors supporting the Framework.

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