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On this page, users can view the disclosure of the world’s largest companies, and see how it compares to the expectations of the UN Guiding Principles. Scroll down to filter the kinds of information you’d like to see, and then select to view in your browser or via an Excel file. To see further information about all the companies in this database, please click here. Please also note: large searches made via this page may take a few minutes. We offer pre-made datasets for large searches to speed up the search process.

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Please note: if you select more than three companies to view at once, results are only available via a downloadable Excel file.

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Note: If you choose to filter by year, you may have the option to select specific years in which we reviewed each company’s human rights disclosure. To have a complete picture of a company’s activities on human rights, it may be helpful to select all available years of review.

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To see supporting questions of each overarching question, click the arrow next to any overarching question.

Company disclosure related to Part A questions are not available when filtering by salient issue. This is because Part A does not reference specific salient issues.

Part A : Governance of Respect for Human Rights

A1 Policy Commitment
A2 Embedding Respect for Human Rights

Part B : Defining the Focus of Reporting

B1 Statement of Salient Issues
B2 Determination of Salient Issues
B3 Choice of Focal Geographies
B4 Additional Severe Impacts

Part C : Management of Salient Human Rights Issues

C1 Specific Policies
C2 Stakeholder Engagement
C3 Assessing Impacts
C4 Integrating Findings and Taking Action
C5 Tracking Performance
C6 Remediation

Please note: If you select more than three companies to view at once, only the downloadable Excel file will be available due to a limited display field.