We offer users two ways to access data in the UNGP Reporting Database. You can either query the Database using our Explore Disclosures page, or you can download ready-made datasets on this page.

Click on the options below to download the ready-made dataset (Microsoft Excel file) for the following categories of data.

Datasets downloadable in a ready-made file:

  • All companies in the database: click here;
  • All companies in a given sector (see sector options below);
  • All companies headquartered in a given region (see region options below)
  • All companies’ disclosure according to a given salient human rights issue (see salient issue options below);
    • Please note that many companies use alternative names for the same salient issue. The complete listing of salient issues and companies’ alternate names for them can be found on our Methodology page.

Dataset download options

To download all data in the database please click the link in the first bullet point above.

Headquarters Location
Salient Issue