How was the Reporting Framework developed? Were companies, governments, investors or civil society groups consulted in its development?

The UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework was developed through the Human Rights Reporting and Assurance Frameworks Initiative (RAFI), established in 2013. RAFI was co-facilitated by the leading centre of expertise on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, Shift, and international accountancy firm Mazars.

Over a two-year period the RAFI team led an open, global, consultative process involving individuals from over 200 companies, investor groups, civil society organizations, governments, assurance providers and other expert organizations from all regions of the world. Consultations took place in Addis Ababa, Bangkok, Jakarta, London, Manila, Medellin, New York and Yangon. See our About Us page for more information about the development of the UNGP Reporting Framework.