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We offer users two ways to access data in the UNGP Reporting Database. You can either query the Database using this page, or you can download ready-made datasets on our Datasets page (see link to left). Please be aware that large queries made via the Explore Disclosures page may take a few minutes. Thank you for your patience!

Step 1: Filter by sector, location, salient issue, company (required) or year of review.

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Please note: if you select more than three companies to view at once, results are only available via a downloadable Excel file.

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Note: If you choose to filter by year, you may have the option to select specific years in which we reviewed each company’s human rights disclosure. To have a complete picture of a company’s activities on human rights, it may be helpful to select all available years of review.

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To see supporting questions of each overarching question, click the arrow next to any overarching question.

Company disclosure related to Part A questions are not available when filtering by salient issue. This is because Part A does not reference specific salient issues.

Part A : Governance of Respect for Human Rights

A1 Policy Commitment
A2 Embedding Respect for Human Rights

Part B : Defining the Focus of Reporting

B1 Statement of Salient Issues
B2 Determination of Salient Issues
B3 Choice of Focal Geographies
B4 Additional Severe Impacts

Part C : Management of Salient Human Rights Issues

C1 Specific Policies
C2 Stakeholder Engagement
C3 Assessing Impacts
C4 Integrating Findings and Taking Action
C5 Tracking Performance
C6 Remediation

Please note: If you select more than three companies to view at once, only the downloadable Excel file will be available due to a limited display field.