Updated Website Features Easy-to-Access Reporting Framework Guidance and New Resources

23 July 2015 — We’re very pleased to announce that our updated website for the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework is now live!

The new expanded website makes it easier to access the UNGP Reporting Framework and its implementation guidance, as well as new content about key concepts and additional resources. Use the main navigation menus at the top of the page to explore the the website.

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New features include:

  • Move easily between sections of the implementation guidance: The guidance is now on individual web pages that make it easier to navigate between topics and questions in our Reporting Framework section.
  • Jump quickly to additional resources: Additional resources provided in the guidance, like the explanation of how businesses can impact human rights, and the explanation of the relationship between the UNGPs and the Reporting Framework, are available on individual pages in our Resources section.
  • Dive deeper into key concepts: Additional explanations of critical concepts like salient human rights issues are now available in our Key Concepts section.
  • Easily view cross-references to other initiatives: Our cross-references feature lets users easily see the relationship between eight other reporting initiatives and the UNGP Reporting Framework.
  • Explore current analysis and news updates on human rights reporting: Our latest news and opinion blogs about the Reporting Framework and corporate human rights reporting are in our News & Views section.
  • Learn how the Reporting Framework was developed: Introductions to the project behind the UNGP Reporting Framework, the project team and contact information is now available in our About Us section.

We’re adding resources on a regular basis — keep checking this website and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date. Thank you for your support!

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